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Hotel interior design - Decorating a hotel

We create an exciting and inviting hotel environment that makes a big difference, as hotel furnishings have a big impact on both room rates and occupancy.

We let the hotel's design develop from your vision of the facility, its location and nature, as well as our expertise and knowledge in interior design.

Standard, personal or exclusive

Every project is unique, therefore you should choose SIAS Contract as your partner for interior design and production of hotel furniture. We help with the implementation of furnishing your hotel based on your vision. The goal is always the same. You should always be satisfied with the end result.

Turnkey or small

SIAS Contract can help everyone. Regardless of whether it concerns individual hotels, entire hotel chains, single furniture purchases for consultation during minor renovations, or completely new interior design concepts for turnkey solutions. We can design and produce the optimal hotel interior. We tailor all our solutions to your wishes as a customer. Through collaboration between our project managers, designers, architects, lighting experts and constructors, we are always here to guide you towards the right choice.

Simple or special

From simpler solutions to exclusive interior design concepts. There are endless possibilities to create unique concepts, hotel interiors or hotel environments to make people feel comfortable in. Our project managers in collaboration with designers, architects, lighting experts and constructors will help you find the right one. Why not ignore all the standards and let us help develop a concept that is completely unique? Regardless of the route, we have hotel furnishings for all conditions, wishes and needs.

It is rewarding to work with creative processes where you mix functionality, design and at the same time make people feel comfortable

Marianne Wang Polden, Daglig Leder SIAS Contract

Hotel interior from Sias
Hotel interior from Sias

Hotel furnishings that build your brand

It is through hotel interior design that you build your brand and reach your specific target groups.

Succeeding with your interior design project is an art based on experience, expertise and a sense of color and form. We offer design and hotel furnishing solutions that are specially adapted to your wishes and needs. It can include everything from planning and design to finished delivery.

Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of hotel furnishings, but we also take care of the purchase and procurement of all other furnishings. We have extensive experience in project management and can guarantee that your project is delivered without problems and on time.

hotel interior design idea
hotel interior design idea

Idea and design

The entrance and reception are the first and last thing guests see in the hotel. We help you transform this space into something memorable. We show you the type of hotel you have right away. We take extra care to emphasize the essence of the hotel. If the first impression is positive, it will improve the overall experience of the entire hotel. We also arrange furniture for interaction to facilitate guest interactions.

The hotel bed is the cornerstone of every hotel. It should be comfortable for guests, easy to handle and durable. We guide you to the right choice! In addition to the bed, we furnish the room for your guests and make sure they have a place to hang their clothes, a place to sit and maybe even a small workspace.

hotel interior lighting
hotel interior lighting

Hotel lighting

In a hotel, it's about creating environments where visitors feel comfortable and can relax. Working with hidden lighting in the ceiling, walls and interior that creates a pleasant trail of light and highlights beautiful details in the interior can be the solution for your project, perhaps supplemented with spot lighting and general lighting from dimmable spotlights. We help you decide

hotel interior production
hotel interior production

Production and purchasing

At SIAS Contract, design and production go hand in hand!

We at Sias Contract have extensive experience in the industry, both when it comes to customer needs and how to produce and make purchases. We have learned what rational production means. A modern machine park in combination with well-documented processes on both the purchasing and production side gives us the flexibility to produce volume, but also to tailor individual solutions. We can quickly switch from producing large volumes of interior design for one of Europe's largest hotel chains to working on another client's new design prototype.

This benefits our customers as we can keep competitive prices while maintaining high quality. In addition, it means that we can shorten and ensure delivery times - which in turn means that you as a customer can be sure that the order will be delivered on time.