SIAS Contract

SIAS Contract offers the entire value chain from idea development and design to delivery and implementation.

bed hotel interior
bed hotel interior

Our history

SIAS Contract AS (SIAS) was established in 1983. We specialize in creating attractive and functional environments for the hotel and restaurant industry. Our designers work with all styles and design languages. For over 40 years, we have created a close collaboration with Europe's best manufacturers. We are always at the forefront when it comes to new technology and modern functional solutions.

Renovating or building new is an exciting process. At SIAS, the customer is actively involved in the entire process. From idea to drawings and discussions around the choice of solutions. You know operations, we know interiors. Together, we create an attractive and functional indoor environment that inspires the employees and keeps the customer coming back. SIAS Contract is owned since 2023 by Norco Interior Group.

cool hotel interior

Quality and Process

To ensure the quality of the process, we prepare technical drawings and work descriptions for the craftsmen. Our talented project managers follow up on all parties involved, and make sure that everything arrives when it should. When the product is safely in port, we quality-assure the delivery and ensure that a detailed FDV (management, operation and maintenance) is drawn up. This is the "instruction manual" for the furniture, which ensures that it maintains guaranteed quality.

Safety and construction requirements

SIAS Contract is registered in StartBANK – a joint supplier register created by the Swedish Confederation of Construction Industry to ensure that everyone competes on equal terms and to avoid unscrupulous players. Before a new project, SIAS prequalifies all its subcontractors who must meet the requirements according to StartBANK.

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Active environmental thinking and continuous improvements will guide SIAS Contract's operations. Existing environmental laws and other regulations are seen as minimum requirements and the purpose of our environmental system is to work to further minimize environmental impact.

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