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Invest in the right hotel interior

Decorating a hotel is an art form and as with all art, it can be a long and unpredictable journey from idea to finished product.

Invest in the right hotel interior

An exciting and inviting hotel environment can make a big difference when it comes to attracting guests, increasing the occupancy rate and room prices. Which style you choose to decorate in depends on a number of factors, such as the hotel's brand, location and orientation. A hotel interior in a more modern direction, for example, is characterized by clean lines, minimalist design and neutral colors such as black, white and grey.

Choose the right style for your hotel interior

A classic style often features elegant furniture, dark colors and rich textures, while a bohemian hotel interior is colorful and creative with a unique and personal touch. Decorating hotel rooms can be a challenging task, but with the right planning, it can also be fun and satisfying. Consider choosing colors that are calm and relaxing to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room. Soft shades of blue, green or beige can work well to create a relaxing environment. Avoid too strong colors that can be distracting or overwhelming.

First impression

The entrance and reception are the first and last thing the guest sees of the hotel, which makes it an important place to put extra focus on. A well-designed entrance and reception with character gives guests a positive impression and enhances their experience of the rest of the hotel.

To create a positive first impression, it is important to show what your hotel stands for and highlight its essence. Use design furniture that is characteristic of your hotel, so that guests can recognize themselves

Another important factor to consider when furnishing public areas is to facilitate interaction between guests. By furnishing the right furniture, you can facilitate contact between guests and create an even more positive experience for them. A relaxed and welcoming environment where guests can socialize and talk to each other provides a memorable experience that will make them want to come back to your hotel again.

Hotel furnishings in public areas

Decorating public areas in a hotel is important to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and a uniform style that represents the hotel's brand. The lounge area is a place for guests to relax and socialize. Create a comfortable environment by using comfortable lounge furniture and relaxed lighting.

Another important thing to think about is furniture, it should be both functional and comfortable. Guests will spend a lot of time on the bed and in the chairs in the room. Choose a bed with a comfortable mattress and soft pillows, and place comfortable chairs or sofas in appropriate places in the room.

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