How to minimize noise levels in your hotel

We give you some hands on ideas how to improve the acoustic environment of your hotel by incorporating sound absorbers for walls and ceilings.

Minimize the noise levels in the hotel by using absorbers:

Improve the acoustic environment of the hotel by incorporating sound absorbers for walls and ceilings. We recommend our partner Akustikmiljö - akustikmiljo.se who offers practical and stylish absorbents, all of which are of high quality and made in Sweden, ensuring a serene and enjoyable stay.

Utilize Carpets and Curtains:


Textiles play a crucial role in reducing noise. Consider using carpets and curtains strategically to dampen sound levels in hotel rooms. Employ creative approaches to integrate carpets and curtains, enhancing both sound insulation and the overall aesthetic appeal.

Three Recommendations for a Soundproof Hotel Environment:


Diversify Sound Absorbers:

For optimal soundproofing, employ a variety of sound absorbers, such as ceiling and wall absorbers. Combining different types complements their effectiveness, minimizing noise from neighboring rooms and floors above.


Enhance Acoustics with Wall Coverings:

Bare walls contribute to poor acoustics. Ensure that hotel room walls are covered with various absorbents, including wall panels, paintings, fabrics, and textiles. Anything that hinders sound from bouncing freely on walls enhances the overall acoustic experience.


Utilize Abundant Textiles:

Extend the use of textiles beyond carpets and curtains to include duvets, pillows, and towels as sound absorbers. Incorporating numerous and thick textiles not only adds a touch of luxury but also effectively reduces sound levels, creating a more peaceful environment.

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